Marta Davidson

Marta is a business lawyer with a simple and practical approach: what are the business objectives of our clients, and how can we help you achieve them? Marta’s view is that law is a tool that should be used to achieve your goals – not stand in your way. Lawyers shouldn’t tell clients all the reasons why they “can’t do” something. Rather, as counsel, they should creatively problem solve and find an innovative solution to assist in accomplishing your business goals.

This starts with proper set up and structure of your business, evolves to managing and administering daily operations and routine transactions, and includes compliance and maintenance. Your ultimate goal may be to build a successful business and run it forever – or your end game may be to sell it and make a lucrative exit. Helping you navigate the legal issues simply and effectively is Marta’s goal.

Below are some examples of Marta’s work and experience.


Guidance throughout the process and support with any questions or issues along the way.

For Franchisors:

  • Assisting domestic franchisors from start-ups establishing a new franchise system to seasoned franchisors managing their brand and business system.
  • Adapting franchise documents from another jurisdiction such as the United States to be compliant with Canadian law.
  • Finding the ideal corporate structure for your franchise.
  • Preparing franchise disclosure documents and related agreements.
  • Setting up unit franchises, area development or master franchise agreements.
  • Helping with compliance, enforcement, and termination matters.

For Franchisees:

  • Reviewing and negotiating key elements of the franchise agreement.
  • Helping you understand critical issues such as personal guarantees.
  • Advising on your rights and obligations on termination of a franchise including notices of rescission.
  • Informing you on what is standard, and what is not.

General Corporate Matters:

Marta can advise on many aspects of corporate and business law, including:

  • Routine transactions such as business sales and purchases.
  • Business set up – incorporation, partnerships, extra-provincial registration, etc. and working with your accountant or tax advisor to implement a desired structure.
  • Corporate finance – equity fund raising and related matters.
  • Preparing contracts and legal correspondence as needed. Overseeing the contract process from start to finish (preparation, negotiation, and interpretation).
  • Corporate records maintenance and support.

Sample industries Marta has worked with:

  • Restaurant, bakery, café
  • Personal services, gyms, beauty/salon
  • Insurance
  • Medical services
  • Specialized retail/products
  • Telecommunications
  • Tech start ups and e-commerce